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BSA NSW Snooker League & Elite Snooker League - The Facts

As all members are aware the inaugural BSA NSW Snooker League has recently been completed for 2011.  Implemented and managed by the BSA NSW, the 2011 League proved to be very successful and congratulations are extended to all clubs, teams and players for their participation and support.

However, it is disappointing to note that several unfounded rumours and misinformation continue to circulate among the players concerning the 2011 BSA NSW Snooker League and the now defunct 2010 Elite Snooker League.  If allowed to continue unchecked this has the potential to impact unfavourably on the future of the BSA NSW League, as well as our sport in general.

CLICK on the attachment for full details of BSA NSW's involvement with Elite Snooker and learn the truth......

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