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The BSA NSW have been fortunate enough to acquire 10 new sets of Aramith Tournament G1 snooker balls.

We now have 8 sets of redundant snooker  balls as well as 6 sets of the solid colour billiard balls (Yellow, White, Red) and we are offering all current financial members of BSA NSW the opportunity to purchase our redundant sets for $60 a snooker set and $20 a billiard set.

As there are only 8 sets of snookers  balls available and 6 sets of billiard balls the BSA NSW have decided that all those interested in owning a set must lodge their interest to Grant Meadley via email. gmeadley@dodo.com.au before the 15th November 2014.

If more than 8 lodge interest in these balls we will hold a random draw and the first 8 names drawn will be eligible to purchase. Details of draw will be announced closer to the 15th of November.

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