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Qualified Referees are an integral part of both Billiards and Snooker. They provide an extremely valuable contribution by way of their commitment, dedication and professionalism whether officiating at local Club Championships or at State, National and International level.

Referees in Australia are certified under the regulations of the Australian Billiards & Snooker Council (ABSC). This certificate then becomes renewable each year on the 31st December upon payment of the prescribed fee direct to the Australian Billiards & Snooker Referees Committee (ABSR) – otherwise it becomes void.

Qualified Referees are expected to remain active and officiate regularly throughout the year. In addition to your local area, this also includes responding to calls for assistance to officiate at State and National events when available.

Qualified Referees are also expected to remain full financial members of their respective State Billiards & Snooker Association at all times.

A concessional BSA NSW membership fee structure applies to all NSW based Referees as follows: 
          NIL     -     with current financial membership of an existing BSA NSW affiliate;
          50%   -     with no related BSA NSW affiliate membership;
          FULL   -     full membership is required for NSW Referees who also wish to play in official tournaments, be elected or
                          appointed to any position with the BSA NSW, have full
                          voting rights at any meeting (AGM, EGM, Committee, etc)

CLICK on the attachment for a listing of all NSW and ACT based qualified referees as at 29th May 2014. This has been compiled after reference to the ABSR Secretary’s records.

New Referees are always welcome. Anyone interested in becoming a qualified Referee should contact the NSW Referee’s Director through the BSA NSW Committee.

Similarly, anyone interested in rules clinics, workshops, availability of qualified referees to officiate at Club or District Championships, etc should also not hesitate to contact the NSW Referee’s Director through the BSA NSW Committee.


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