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Roger Farebrother has taken out the 13th running of the annual South Pacific Open in its modern day format. Thanks to Club Marconi and particularly Jim Ruisi and all the boys from the Marconi Snooker Association/Club for their continued support for this event and their ongoing support of Billiards & Snooker in general. Their love and enthusiasm for the game keeps the game alive. As Jim always says, keeps the dream alive.
This year’s titles were again held at BLACKTOWN WORKERS CLUB. Roger Farebrother has defeated Alan McCarthy 4 frames to 1 in fine style to take another State Title.
Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting by bsaadmin

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Snooker and Billiards New South Wales Inc will be held at: Ramsgate RSL, 181 Ramsgate Rd, Ramsgate. NSW  2219 on Monday 5th November 2018 commencing at 7:00pm.

World Billiards Ltd and World Snooker Federation September 2018 Newsletter by bsaadmin
- Congratulations to Steve Mifsud – Champion, Australian National Snooker Championship and Victorian Billiards Champion 
- The Mounties Australian Women’s Open Snooker Championship Has been significantly upgraded to be awarded as a World Women’s Ranking Snooker Tournament Open to all Oceania and World Players 
- 2018 Builders Club IIawarra Open Billiards Championship 31st August – September 2nd 
- This Month’s Interview George Taylor of Alcocks of Melbourne 
- New Zealand’s Dene O’Kane and Australia’s Glen Wilkinson Both invited to the World Seniors Qualifier in Hong Kong
Reventon CEO Chris Christofi Grateful to Snooker Community for Charity Support by bsaadmin
Chris promoted the CEO Sleepout message at many snooker events that Reventon sponsor.  He would like to personally thank the snooker community for their generous support and helping him achieve his goal!
World Billiards Ltd and World Snooker Federation - August 2018 Newsletter by bsaadmin
Please find the attached August Oceania Newsletter.
Interview with Neil Robertson, updated Crucible players information, new tournaments and much more.
NSW Minor Billiards Championship History
  2017   Shannon Dixon    506   Mick Boyne   275    Shannon Dixon   59    Dapto Leagues Club
  2016   Michael Hough        Gene Crossingham                Rooty Hill RSL 
  2015   Grant Schubert        Peter Tankard                Rooty Hill RSL 
  Shaun Dalitz                        Rooty Hill RSL 
  Adam Fitzgerald                        
  Hassan Kerde 805 Alan Muscio 533 Hassan Kerde 67 Guildford Leagues
  2011   James Baldwin Alan Muscio Club Toukley RSL
  2010   Grant Meadley 628 Hassan Kerde 600
  2009   Richard Sandell 735 Adam Fitzgerald 610 Adam Fitzgerald 93 Mingara Recreation Club
  2008    George Chammas    638    Shaun Dalitz    513    Richard Sandell    108    Mingara Recreation Club 
  2007    Jason Dimitri    579    Danny Merron    374    George Chammas    67   Penrith RSL 
  2006    Roger Farebrother    567    George Chammas    482    Roger Farebrother    143   Penrith RSL 
  2005   Fred Attard   691   Grant Meadley    530    George Chammas    100   Campbelltown Catholic Club 
  2004    Michael Dimech    617    Graham Willoughby    454    Michael Dimech    85    Rooty Hill RSL 
  2003    Michael Pearson    703    Bruce Ashby    531    Bruce Ashby   95    Shellharbour Workers Club 
  2002    NOT HELD                         
  2001    Bob Natalenko        Dragan Skvaric                Shellharbour Workers Club 
  2000    Mick Batelic        Dragan Skvaric                Shellharbour Workers Club
  1999    Phil Miller    518    Dragan Skvaric    422    Graham Willoughby    98    Shellharbour Workers Club
  1998    Adrian Hinks    706    Mick Batelic    685   Mick Batelic    95    Shellharbour Workers Club
  1997    Eric Worsley    1226    Adrian Hinks    903    Don Taylor    122    Shellharbour Workers Club
  1996    Darren Martin    924    Mick Batelic    680    Mick Batelic    95    Rooty Hill RSL 
  1995    Vic Sacco    738    Darren Martin    736    Darren Martin    93    Seven Hills RSL 
  1994    Matt Drumbrell    1352    Adam Fitzgerald    959    Jim Hull    107    Central Coast Leagues Club 
  1993    Vic Cravino    822    Vic Sacco    790    Jim Hull    91    Seven Hills RSL 
  1992    Gary Hill    1148    Bruce Ashby    970    Eric Worsley    103    Seven Hills RSL 
  1991    Todd Hayward    986    Vic Cravino    860    Todd Hayward    137    Seven Hills RSL 
  1990    Steve Hall    1338    Vic Sacco    790    Todd Hayward    100    Seven Hills RSL 
  1989    Zac Gaja    349    Elwyn Jones    332    Vic Sacco    68    Seven Hills RSL 
  1988    Joe Minici    462    Warren Johnson    393    Joe Minici    96    Rooty Hill RSL 
  1987    Peter Coe    486    Jim McConnell    417    Don Taylor    86    Wests Leagues Club 
  1986    Harry Young    461    Max Peterkin    443    Darryl Salt    126    Cabra-Vale Diggers Club 
  1985    Andrew McPherson        Alex Smith        Michael Cain    93    Lithgow Workers Club
  1984    Stan Smith    482    D Turner    479    Stan Smith    99     
  1983    Mick Girdler    566    Eric Worsley    553    Bruce Ashby    87     
  1982    R Grazules                         
  1981    Reg Martin                         
  1980    P Melmeth        Stan Smith        Andrew McPherson    156    Ettalong Memorial Club 
  1979    A Taylor        Stan Smith        G Fuchs    89    Caringbah RSL Club 
  1978    H Hewgill        R Venables        G Robinson    98    Highland Burns Club 
  1977    Charlie Deguara        R Martin        Charlie Deguara   100    Caringbah RSL Club 
  1976    John Purcell        Stan Smith        Stan Smith    100    Caringbah RSL Club 
  1975    K Handcock        M Kane        A Taylor    87    The Sydney Club 
  1974   V Meades        Stan Smith        M Hend    83    Shellharbour Workers Club 
  1973    J Meades        L Taylor        J Meades    87    Miranda RSL 
  1972    H E Trevena        A Spencer        Trevena / P Williams    76    The Sydney Club 
  1971    N Giovanni        H E Trevena        A Sargent    80    Punchbowl RSL 
  1970    A Neilson        A Spencer        A Spencer     73    Punchbowl RSL 
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